1. Celebrating

    2016-11-06 13:06:00 UTC
    I have never enjoyed being celebrated. My birthday has not been a spectacle to me since I was born. It has since become more irrelevant A friend was wishing me a Happy one thinking he had missed it and I explained…again…that even if he missed my birthday it’s alright. It’s…

  2. A *NEW* Converse

    2016-11-06 13:04:00 UTC
    I have been wearing Converse shoes for quite some time. I do not…like purchasing new clothes let alone shoes. I like when they are comfortably worn in. I even like when they have some “character” or some like to call them holes When I heard Converse released a new pair…

  3. More Random

    2016-11-06 13:02:00 UTC

  4. I Tried Shooting Fireworks and Other Stuff

    2016-11-06 12:57:00 UTC
    This was in some remote space in Jersey. I don’t hate Jersey, it’s just that I don’t like it that much. That is all.

  5. Sad Watch Stand for Dodo

    2016-11-06 12:42:00 UTC
    I really do love this stand. I really do. Its just that I can’t use it. Read on to find out why So I purchased a couple stands for the Apple Watch. I almost retuned it (the watch) then WWDC and watch OS 2.0 saved it’s behind. Anywhoo, I previously…

  6. A Case for Dodo

    2016-11-06 12:23:00 UTC
    Sadly, the case was so bad that  removed my entire review. I will not be making any purchase from DodoCase anytime soon.

  7. Apple Watch and Phone Stand Charger Combo Thing

    2016-11-06 12:19:00 UTC
    Purchased a catchall for my watch and phone For the first time after receiving a product I am quite ecstatic. Weird. It often takes me forever, and by forever I mean forever to like anything that I purchase. It is just who I am. Things need to grow on me.…

  8. Mordor in NY

    2016-11-06 12:17:00 UTC

  9. Two Random Shots

    2016-11-06 12:16:00 UTC

  10. Day After Tomorrow?

    2016-11-06 12:12:00 UTC
    But seriously, they way everyone was acting during this storm was hilarious Raided the local markets in case they never ate again R.E.L.A.X It’s just snow

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