A *NEW* Converse

I have been wearing Converse shoes for quite some time. I do not…like purchasing new clothes let alone shoes. I like when they are comfortably worn in. I even like when they have some “character” or some like to call them holes.

When I heard Converse released a new pair of shoes I immediately had to have a pair. I loved the updated look of the shoes which really have not changed. The good news is that even though they updated the look it still has a classic converse feel.

How do they feel? Amazing in a word. Converse have basically been my foot attached to a piece of rubber attached to the road. Not often comfortable when walking in them all day. These shoes change everything. They have some insole made of Lunarlon (Probably related to Unobtanium that Oakley uses in their rubber for grips or was it Avatar?) Anyway, its some fancy material, its comfortable as heck and that is all that matters. Here are all of my shoes, old and new and newest.

Photos are tiny - I Apologize (technical difficulties)

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