1. Bowling…Sort Of

    2016-11-06 12:10:00 UTC

  2. Thankful

    2016-11-06 12:08:00 UTC
    In this season of giving and receiving we must always remember that we have a lot to be thankful for. Not everyone is as fortunate as we may be.

  3. Christmas Village in Pennsylvania

    2016-11-06 12:02:00 UTC
    My wife loves this place I despise it. I say it smells, she, does not agree. I love the fresh meat we get from the meat market. The bacon, pork and burgers. All delish

  4. IPhonographi Photo’s by Ryan

    2016-11-06 11:59:34 UTC
    One of the things that I never thought I would want to do is take photos with my iPhone. I barely have control of what little I had, low light was non-existent and almost painful to take. Along came the iPhone 6 Plus and Ryan. He has been taking photos…

  5. Pumpkin Picking (We went sort of late)

    2016-11-06 11:57:00 UTC
    These were to be posted in October…oops

  6. Dead Horse Bay Update

    2016-11-06 11:50:00 UTC
    So I have been told that I did not venture far enough and will revisit the site…maybe Instead of making the right I will go left and hopefully end up with something worth sharing.  …Maybe

  7. Dead Horse Bay

    2016-11-06 11:47:00 UTC
    To be honest…it was dead It was a 2+ mile walk in the sun with no shade which meant I was sweating my proverbial scones off. Random bushes are on either side of you and generally left em wandering if there were wild animals that would soon jump and take…

  8. Outdoor With Daddy

    2016-11-06 11:44:00 UTC
    Still Makes me smile a year later

  9. End of March Random

    2016-11-06 11:42:00 UTC

  10. A First Christmas

    2016-11-06 11:39:00 UTC
    So, sort of. Kylee and gifts were as you would expect. Hanger…meet mouth. Box? Meet mouth. It went on. Shots taken by my wife.

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