1. The Lad

    2016-11-06 14:15:00 UTC

  2. Third Story

    2016-11-06 13:59:00 UTC
    A really good family friend plays with the band. They are quite something to behold. You should check them out given the chance. Straight from the camera. No edits. Ah 6D (heart)

  3. Hearty Congratulations to These two of 20 Years

    2016-11-06 13:55:00 UTC
    I wish them many more

  4. More from Before

    2016-11-06 13:53:00 UTC

  5. 9.11

    2016-11-06 13:48:00 UTC
    I will forever remember where I was heading to school, already late, streets empty eerie looked up, saw smoke, saw fire returned home only to find out the worst had truly occured thanks to all of our emergency responders, especially those who saved countless lives while giving their own Never…

  6. Random

    2016-11-06 13:45:00 UTC

  7. 6D and Loving It!

    2016-11-06 13:40:00 UTC
    No, not a new bra size Just finally purchased a full frame camera with which I am absolutely in love with. The colors and the detail you can pull out without the image looking like absolute dirt is incredible. I purchased only the body at this time and as such…

  8. Cameron’s Shower

    2016-11-06 13:28:00 UTC

  9. Fall According to Kylee

    2016-11-06 13:20:00 UTC

  10. Congratulations to the Cumberbatch Family

    2016-11-06 13:09:00 UTC

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