1. BHC Thanksgiving…back 2017

    Date 23 Nov 2017
    Bethesda Healing Center Thanksgiving 2017 - It’s time to give back

  2. Complexions Dance

    Date 17 Nov 2017
    I was introduced to this group of fantastic individuals by literally, a random intervention. I was taking pictures of a client in Manhattan and was asked if I was free tomorrow. Surprisingly, I was. Maudi was excited, nervous but I assured her. And now, my favorite shots Visit to follow what they are…

  3. Belated Shower

    Date 20 Oct 2017

  4. A Surprise that Last’s a Lifetime

    Date 10 Oct 2017
    Love, Family, Surprise…They all last Forever

  5. an LA Story

    Date 05 Oct 2017
    Two Friends, a Wedding, a Time and a Special Place… In Their Hearts

  6. London, Please Marry Me

    Date 25 Aug 2017
    Managed to finally visit London, Twice in three weeks. Saw Stamford Bridge - words are unable to describe that experience. Met Once Chelsea FC fan and her friend…and her cousin. We hung out, drank, ate, had fun.  Back to London…please, say you will be mine

  7. Affinity and I

    Date 07 Jul 2017
    Began playing with Affinity Photo. I am not very good just yet. I have both the iPad app and the Mac app. Nice so far. The learning curve is…epic compared to Lightroom.  Here goes nothing…

  8. Ava’s Day

    Date 30 May 2017
    Had the chance to take a few photo’s of friends on this their daughter’s blessing day.

  9. Youth Convention 2017 - Say Something

    Date 19 Feb 2017

  10. The Day When No One Ruled the World

    Date 09 Nov 2016
    I was not born in America My mother emigrated from a small island to America because it gave her better options. She was able to send food, clothing and money to our family. A country of opportunity. A country of growth. A country of acceptance UNITY - President Elect Trump,…

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