1. Black History Month ‘19

    2019-02-04 02:39:23 UTC
    I’m making this a habit. Photos of Black individuals for the entire month that we celebrate who we are. I expect that I’ll try to branch out and push the limits this time and not be so timid. Pray for me. Hagos

  2. Timberline @Mount Hood, Portland Oregon

    2019-01-29 02:05:00 UTC
    My wife and I visited Portland for a friends wedding. He mentioned how cool the location was going to be and initially I thought he was being a bit…braggadocious. He was not. This location was everything he said and more. It was absolutely fabulous.

  3. A Step Above the Rest

    2018-07-01 23:14:38 UTC
    If you are in need of a first-class black car experience check out Lazarus Luxury Services for a great time

  4. UpStanding Desk - Stand Up

    2018-07-01 23:09:53 UTC
    I have the pleasure of having one of these at my office. They were so good that I had to take photos of them with one of the co-founders, Sam, who shared a great journey about this desk. Check them out and stand…(pun fully intended) for your yourself

  5. This is Sam…

    2018-07-01 22:55:21 UTC

  6. A Few New

    2018-05-03 05:23:55 UTC

  7. My First Feature - LA Times - Complexion Dance

    2018-04-14 05:07:50 UTC
    Two evenings ago I received a message that stated: “Hey!! I just sent you a link to an article in the LA times with your  pics from the gala with photo credit. Hope all is well!” I mean let us all be honest here, even if it was a bad…

  8. Black History Month

    2018-02-02 17:48:29 UTC
    This year I have decided to do act on a desire that I have had since last year..Celebrate Black History Month by sharing Photos of people of color. Some of these people are Strangers and some are friends, but I think that’s the point. This post will be updated daily…

  9. Engage Urban Mode

    2017-12-27 04:02:11 UTC
    More to come after the formal announcement

  10. ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas…

    2017-12-27 03:53:25 UTC
    …when all through the house Not a creature was stirring, mot even a mouse. Happy Christmas - Happy Holidays to all and have a blessed new year. The Rush Family

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