1. Black History Month ‘19

    04 Feb 2019
    I’m making this a habit. Photos of Black individuals for the entire month that we celebrate who we are. I expect that I’ll try to branch out and push the limits this time and not be so timid. Pray for me. Hagos

  2. Timberline @Mount Hood, Portland Oregon

    29 Jan 2019
    My wife and I visited Portland for a friends wedding. He mentioned how cool the location was going to be and initially I thought he was being a bit…braggadocious. He was not. This location was everything he said and more. It was absolutely fabulous.

  3. A Step Above the Rest

    01 Jul 2018
    If you are in need of a first-class black car experience check out Lazarus Luxury Services for a great time

  4. UpStanding Desk - Stand Up

    01 Jul 2018
    I have the pleasure of having one of these at my office. They were so good that I had to take photos of them with one of the co-founders, Sam, who shared a great journey about this desk. Check them out and stand…(pun fully intended) for your yourself

  5. This is Sam…

    01 Jul 2018

  6. A Few New

    03 May 2018

  7. My First Feature - LA Times - Complexion Dance

    14 Apr 2018
    Two evenings ago I received a message that stated: “Hey!! I just sent you a link to an article in the LA times with your  pics from the gala with photo credit. Hope all is well!” I mean let us all be honest here, even if it was a bad…

  8. Black History Month

    02 Feb 2018
    This year I have decided to do act on a desire that I have had since last year..Celebrate Black History Month by sharing Photos of people of color. Some of these people are Strangers and some are friends, but I think that’s the point. This post will be updated daily…

  9. Engage Urban Mode

    27 Dec 2017
    More to come after the formal announcement

  10. ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas…

    27 Dec 2017
    …when all through the house Not a creature was stirring, mot even a mouse. Happy Christmas - Happy Holidays to all and have a blessed new year. The Rush Family

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