1. More From Boston

    2016-11-06 11:34:00 UTC
    Location: Cape Cod (random driving enabled) Time: 0540 I like Cape Cod. I have been there before enjoyed the food, the people and the landscape. This is the first time that I have taken the time to shoot a Sunset/Landscape and what a treat it was for me. Wind chills…

  2. Our Trip To Boston Aquarium

    2016-11-06 11:25:00 UTC
    Kylee, Kerry & I visited the Boston Aquarium and had a wonderful time.

  3. Great Macro Photo’s Using Lens You Already Own

    2016-11-06 11:18:00 UTC
    Recently I have been looking to purchase a dedicated macro lens but was off put by the earth shattering prices ranging from Canon’s 100mm $549 and upwards for all of the IS, USM and other abbreviations they throw in to raise prices. After days of searching the internet, I thought…

  4. Reading to Kylee

    2016-11-06 11:17:39 UTC

  5. Kylee’s First Bath

    2016-11-06 11:17:37 UTC

  6. Kylee’s First Turnover

    2016-11-06 11:17:36 UTC
    This is the first!

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