Sad Watch Stand for Dodo

I really do love this stand. I really do. Its just that I can’t use it. Read on to find out why.

So I purchased a couple stands for the Apple Watch. I almost retuned it (the watch) then WWDC and watch OS 2.0 saved it’s behind.

Anywhoo, I previously reviewed the Pad and Quill watch stand charger/iPhone phone droppy thing and I loved it. I ordered this stand before I even thought about the Pad &Quill option.

I have purchased numerous DodoCase products and have loved most of them with the exception of a few recent products. This here, I am literally in love with how it looks. If you don’t know by now, I am in love with wood an leather. Wood is natural, elegant, fragrant and just….wood.

This product feels AMAZING! The look is great, the stain is good and the weight is perfect. Heavy enough to make it feel worth its weight in money and quality. It is smooth while still maintining the fact that it is wood. For those who have worked on wood you would understand what I mean. The stain is just enough. The walnut, generally known for its pale brown to dark chocolate colors with infusions of brown in-between are just amazing.

It is still wood, it resembles its natural state (minus the stain)

 So why won’t I use it? Easy answer, My cable wont last one week in its built in routing system. There is just too much stress on the cable which in turn means that I will spend more money in the long run. You remember how many people complain about the lightning cables that are always not working, this stand would be the reason why. Well, thats enough of my gabbing.

Here is what it looks like. And yes, I still really, really like this stand. No, I won’t use it. Probably will be some time before I purchase something from DodoCase again.

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