My name, Hagos

Ranked 53,701st position in names. There are only 2800 like me which makes us 0.001% of the population. It is good to be unique...sort of.

Originally from the Caribbean, I grew up in Penticton, BC Canada. There I learned to snowboard on Apex Mountain, mountain bike, got into trouble (a lot), and swam in both of our beautiful lakes Skaha & Okanagan. It's a small town with lots of dirt biking to be done and scenery to match.

I am simply a photographer looking to get better with time. I learn to change, I adapt. Most of all I have fun. I am silly, love playing jokes and am never too far from a good laugh.

I am married to my wife of five years, Kerry. We have been blessed with our two children, Kylee and Cameron.

Our family is one that believes. We believe in God, we believe that He is real and rules our lives. We exist in His shadow and in it we find peace beyond measure, past what most would find comforting in times of duress.

We extend a warm welcome, a cup of Blue Mountain Coffee or perhaps some Silver Needle tea to you our visitor, as you partake in our journey through life.


My philosophy on photography is actually pretty simple. Use as much of the natural light given as possible. I do not by any means hate flash (I use it a lot), but I find that I enjoy the challenge of seeing what I can accomplish without using it.

I resort to simpler easier to use programs such as Lightroom. I figure the better the picture I take, the less post production I will perform, no?

I look forward to hearing from you.


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