Great Macro Photo’s Using Lens You Already Own

Recently I have been looking to purchase a dedicated macro lens but was off put by the earth shattering prices ranging from Canon’s 100mm $549 and upwards for all of the IS, USM and other abbreviations they throw in to raise prices. After days of searching the internet, I thought to myself “well there must be some kind of adapter that should not cost $500” and there was. 

Enter the Fotodix Canon EOS Macro Extension Set (seen next to my trumpet mouthpiece) for a whopping $11.95 with free shipping for us Amazon Prime members. How is it? I’ll let the photos and video below explain before I tatter on. One correction to my video post, I used all three adapters amounting to 49mm and not the 28mm I have posted in the video.

While this is pretty awesome, there is only one minor thing that some may see as an issue which is control over the F-stop. Quite simply you have none because this little adapter goes between the camera and your lens. All in all this is an awesome alternative to purchasing a strictly macro only lens for those that are on a budget.  

Fotodix Macro Extension Tube (Amazon)

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