The Day When No One Ruled the World

I was not born in America

My mother emigrated from a small island to America because it gave her better options. She was able to send food, clothing and money to our family. A country of opportunity. A country of growth. A country of acceptance

UNITY - President Elect Trump, you cannot unify a country that when you detest half of the people. You cannot be a President for all people when you campaigned against anyone that was not white. You want to build a wall in Mexico to prevent…rapists? Murderers? from entering the country

Will you ban Muslims from entering the country? Or better, will you ban everyone who comes from that area of the world?

What about women? He has no respect for them. Your mother, your sister, your wife, your daughters. None.

Binding the wounds? Lets waste time binding wound that were self inflicted

I am unable to give you a chance when you so clearly were outspoken against who and what America is… One of freedom of religion, love, speech

Minorities should be afraid

Veterans, I lost my brother to war. How he treated that Muslim family whose son also gave his life for this country is unacceptable, a travesty and is unforgivable

The leader of THE white hoods backed you because of your words

Markets WORLDWIDE are down

What life awaits my children? Is this truly what we want?

Too many questions with not enough answers

This is now the face of America. This is who the world will first see

Prepare thyself, and your p***y to be grabbed


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